About Bob McIlvride

Bob McIlvride is the Communications Manager at Cogent Real-Time Systems, and is responsible for writing and editing technical documentation and marketing communications, as well as keeping in touch with sales partners and customers. He has a Master's degree in Professional Writing, and 15 years experience writing and publishing in the natural gas and process control industries. He has lived on three continents, speaks three languages, and considers the whole world his home.

Moved to Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc.

We are pleased to inform our readers that the Real-Time Cloud blog is now a part of Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc. You can continue reading the Real-Time Cloud blog here.

Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc. is a business that has evolved out of Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc., an established industrial middleware vendor that has introduced a number of innovations to their real-time data product including a high-speed redundancy facility and a web-based user interface providing immersive, desktop-quality graphics. Cogent has developed new, patent-pending technology that solves the data transmission problems of data rate, latency, redundancy and security in cloud-based systems with a unique “push + pull” solution that insulates both a facility and a remote user from opening their firewalls to the Internet. This solution can act as a simple add-on to existing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, or as the basis for a new deployment.